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Join ACNA and help in retaining the Christian principles and regain what may have been lost. This does not mean we want all the country to be Christian, but our desire is to live under Christian based laws and ethics.


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Sacked Punchbowl High School principal had Muslims-only plan: police

YONI BASHAN, The Sunday Telegraph March 5, 2017 THE recently sacked principal of Punchbowl ...
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Parents seek control of troubled Islamic College of South Australia

MEREDITH BOOTH The Australian February 7, 2017 Islamic College of South Australia’s principal and chairman ...
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Troubled Punchbowl Boys High School leadership team dumped

REBECCA URBAN, KYLAR LOUSSIKIAN The Australian March 3, 2017 The Punchbowl Boys High School principal ...
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Family World News

Focus On Parliament – Citizens’ Legislation Action

December 2018 was one of the quietest periods of the parliamentary calendar on account of there being no sitting days for ...
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Cannabinoid Genotoxicity Extends to Cannabidiol and Other Cannabinoids too – Cannabis is not a soft drug – especially in its marketing campaign!

By Dr Stuart Reece Why don’t we start with a short quiz of general knowledge of current events and topical issues ...
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‘Repentance’ Transforming Power

By Peter Rahme The Bible says: “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when ...
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Take action for Christians facing genocide now.

Two-thirds of Syria's Christians and 82% of Iraq's - decimated. In just hours, we have an urgent deadline to defend ...
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