A bacillus plague infecting the nation

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By Professor David Flint

We live today in a culture whose values are determined, almost without our noticing, by dogmas alien to most Australians, especially those of the generation who fought and died for this country.

With the defeat of Nazism and the collapse of Soviet Communism, how can this be?

Many years ago, during an interview for The Australian about the politicians’ republic, I was asked to my surprise whether I thought the Devil exists.
“Yes,” I said. “How else can you explain the monstrous crimes committed in this century, more than 100 million slain and hundreds of millions enslaved, unless such a force for evil exists?’’

With the French Revolution, an evil belief, directed against religion and order, emerged in Europe. New life was breathed into this malignancy when, in 1917, the German High Command sent a sealed train into Russia carrying, as Churchill put it, a ‘bacillus plague’, sheer evil in the person of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

From that same bacillus the evils of Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism emerged, leading to the murder, torture and enslavement of millions. Requiring blind belief, they demonstrate the truth in the saying attributed to Chesterton, ‘’When a man stops believing in God, it’s not that he believes in nothing. He will believe in anything.”

In a devastating exposé, ‘Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors’, James Delingpole confirms the link too between that same bacillus plague and the Greens. Beneath their cloak of green, he writes, there lurks a heart of red.

How did this happen? Much can be attributed to the thinking behind Rudi Dutschke’s 60’s slogan for a ‘long march through the institutions’, arguing from Gramsci that through institutions such as schools and the media, the hearts and minds of society can be captured from within. This strategy is being applied everywhere to undermine Western civilisation, the greatest enemy of which are the Greens.

An early and probably unconscious application occurred when activist judges on the US Supreme Court brazenly invented a constitutionally guaranteed right to abort in Roe v Wade, followed by strongly supportive propaganda in those other captured institutions, education and the media. Once universally condemned, the culture of death thus became acceptable, extending to the despatch of the elderly through not-always ‘voluntary’ euthanasia, with the proponent of the legal killing of disabled babies even deemed worthy of an award in the Order of Australia. The recent standing ovation in the New York Senate on passing legislation removing any legal protection for babies who survive late-term abortions is ominous.

The most successful capture of an institution by another mutation was of existing environmental movements by the so-called Greens, who use them to cloak their enthusiasm for the culture of death and just about every other extremist policy at the same time abandoning genuine concern for the environment.

In fact it is difficult to identify any Greens policy under which Australians will not be worse off.

While even under the Coalition our energy prices, once among the world’s cheapest, have moved into the world’s most expensive and under Labor would be far worse, under the Greens, prices would be so high, vast swathes of industry and agriculture would close.

Livestock herds would be forcibly reduced with fictional environmental reasons still be found to block all dams, forestry developments, rural activities, mining projects, including those approved by the indigenous traditional owners.

Compared with poorer countries, even Kazakhstan, our educational standards would continue to fall disastrously, with schools used to undermine the family through minds of children some previously non-existent concern for “gender fluidity”. Judeo-Christian religious instruction as well as any public manifestation would be outlawed.

The Greens enthusiastically support Labor’s threatened swathe of new and increased taxes, ready always to impose
when they can their hidden commitment to that hated tax so ruinous of small business and farming , death duties. Free speech will be minimised to what is politically correct, with peaceful protest about such matters as abortion or denying man-made global warming made criminal. Under international treaties our borders would be opened to
illegal immigration with chain, welfare and refugee immigration substantially increased. Defence alliances with the US, UK and similar powers would be ended and unilateral disarmament espoused.

Abortion facilities would be expanded, euthanasia, especially of the elderly but also of children encouraged, sex (‘gender’) change by statutory declaration introduced and experimental marriage alternatives including polygamy and polyandry gradually introduced.

A politicians’ republic would be introduced if necessary in some extra-constitutional way, and to increase the number of Greens MP’s, proportional representation and a lower voting age introduced.

If the Greens have their way, Australia will be another country, more like Venezuela than the land we know.