Letters to the Editor

Dear Reverend Nile, Greetings in Christ, welcome in 2019 and thanks for your always sending me the update about your vision for your community and glory of God. My prayers are with you in coming election. Please say regards to him from me, soon will try to meet him and share Pakistani Christian community ‘s companies in south west for his […]

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Federal President’s Report

1. CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX This March issue of the Family World News covers one of the most contentious issues facing the Federal and State Governments – Is Climate Change a reality or is it a hoax being exploited by the left wing political parties especially the radical Green Party? The basic questions are very simple – Is Climate Change caused by […]

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Climate Change on Trial

By Michael Kile (This is an edited version of an essay that appeared in the April 2018 edition of Quadrant magazine) There is mounting pressure on warmist researchers to come up with arguments, if not evidence, that will stand up in court. As climate models continue to get it wrong, often spectacularly so, the carpetbaggers’ various lawsuits are […]

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A bacillus plague infecting the nation

By Professor David Flint We live today in a culture whose values are determined, almost without our noticing, by dogmas alien to most Australians, especially those of the generation who fought and died for this country. With the defeat of Nazism and the collapse of Soviet Communism, how can this be? Many years ago, during an interview for The Australian about the politicians’ republic, […]

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MAR 2019