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I trust that you had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed time celebrating the birth of our Saviour with your friends and family.

I love the beginning of the year, it presents a new year full of possibilities and opportunities, and I am expectant for what our Lord Jesus will do in 2019.

I hope for those of you with children and teenagers you’re able to spend some away from your work and other commitments and to make the most of the summer school holidays.

As a parent, I look forward to the down time I get with my kids, and the chance to make lifelong memories with them. I also found it is a good time to reflect with them about the year that’s been, but also about the year ahead.

Creating this time out in our families is increasingly important as they face challenges I never dreamed about
when I was their age.

The social pressures seem to have increased and become more extreme than it was during my teenage years, and with the widespread use of social media, they don’t get the break from the issues of school like I was able to.

Research has shown that social media use can have detrimental effects on our mental health and wellbeing, and does not replace our need for genuine human connection. And it can also expose our kids to a whole new realm of bullying
through cyber bullying, which can be relentless.


I encourage you parents to be prepared to wade into those difficult conversations with your kids. After all, we are the
adults and sometimes I wonder if they’re hoping that we create the space to talk about and ptut language to what  they’re going through.

Encouraging your kids to switch off from their devices can be difficult but I think is necessary and beneficial for all
of us. Leading by example by preparing to disconnect can help create space in our lives for genuine human  connection and hopefully creates space for them to bring their burdens and concerns to us. I pray that our homes and families will be havens for our children and young people from the pressures they face in their everyday lives.

During my time in Parliament, it has been a passion of mine to help fight to protect our children and young people.

Whether it be advocating for a young boy who needed his school to stay open, or to help supporting our students
in schools through chaplains and SRE, or through to the introduction of the NSW Modern Slavery Act. And it is what
I hope to continue to do if re-elected in March 2019 – to continue to advocate for all the people of NSW.

If re-elected, it is my plan to help keep the two major parties honest by fighting across 5 main areas:

1. Values:
– Fight to preserve Christian Values
– To keep the Lord’s Prayer in Parliament
– To introduce the Religious Freedoms Act
– To fight against the exploitation of the vulnerable

2. Education:
– To ensure a great education for our kids
– To keep scripture in schools and to support our schoolchaplains.
– To Oppose ‘Safe Schools’ programs that promotegender fluidity.

3. Health:
– To fight to put people at the centre of NSW healthcare because everyone is created with dignity and value
– We will support our frontline staff, nurses, doctors, and paramedics.
– Support new and expecting mums.
– Promote palliative care.
– Oppose abortion and euthanasia.

4. Energy:
– To fight for affordable, reliable and secure energy for the families of NSW
– Secure energy sources for our state, including gas, electricity and renewable sources.
– Promote delivery that is reliable for our homes and businesses.
– Ensure energy is affordable, particularly for our vulnerable.
– Support growth of renewable sources that is cost effective.

5. Water:
– To secure affordable and sustain water supply for all residents of NSW and our environment
– Work to ensure water is accessible and affordable for all.
– Promote better drought proofing of NSW.
– Promote the creation and innovation of sustainable water harvesting and better demand management.
– Ensure water security is the priority, and not mining.

I am grateful to the Lord for the 8 years in office He has given me. It is my prayer that I can continue to represent
Him in the Parliament of NSW and make a difference for the people of NSW. I am grateful for your continued  prayers and support over the next few months.