Nagaland Adventure

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By Rev. Fred Nile

It was a privledge for me to be invited with Silvana by the Premier (Chief Minister) of Nagaland Shri Neiphiu
Rio for an official visit to speak at their Nagaland Festivals during December 2018.

I was the honoured guest speaker at a number of important events in Nagaland, such as the Festival of Festivals known as the 19th Hornbill Festival, which was held at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama from 1st December, 2018 to 10th December, 2018.

Each day they had a Chief guest. On 4th December 2018 I was the Chief guest, representing Australia.

The 4th Day of the cultural show at the Hornbill Festival 2018 began with a victory dance by the Zeliang cultural
troupe which is called Rehoi Lim. This was followed by Bamboo Dance called Sutha Lam by the Kuki Troupe. Lunso
Beru Cultural Club of Shamator Town in Tuensang district from Yimchunger troupe performed Kheangberu Khun. Sumi cultural troupe performed Babu Shiha Salam Salam, which is an indigenous game and originated in Yemishe village during the British rule in India.

Sangtam cultural troupe performed folk song and dance Hooto Hooto, which is performed only by men folk during the Mungmung festival. Ngada dance was performed by the Rengma cultural troupe.

Folk dance, Khramjang Bai Hadunbani, literally means ‘cultivating with drum beats.’

Pochury folk dance Athso Theserie was also performed. Pitho Tsali, rice pounding song, was performed by the
Angami cultural troupe. Phom cultural troupe performed Shangi Apai Hommu Yubu Nyih (The descending from Mount Yingnyu).

Lotha cultural troupe performed traditional dance Otchu Tanki Ohan Tanki which is an indigenous game played by the women in their traditional attire. Konyak cultural troupe performed Lamphoon Moarao Man Thoa Haap, which literally means war-skill gam.

The Garo cultural troupe demonstrated Ro’ongDea, an indigenous game which loosely resembles the modern day weight lifting. This was followed by a folk song, Sukem Chia, by the Chang cultural troupe.

The Chakhesang cultural troupe performed a migration skit, while Asetkong Cultural troupe from the Ao tribe performed head hunter’s dance.

On the 3rd December, 2018 I addressed the Global Youth Conference at Kohima.

The conference provided a platform for young Naga people to come and listen to experiences, discuss and shape ideas for the future.

The most important event was a symposium on church and politics where I found a great deal of interest by clergy
and political leaders on my over 37 years in Parliament as a Christian M.P.

We need to continue in prayer for the people of Nagaland through a difficult situation for unity, peace and progress.

They have had to grow from a nation of head-hunters and cannibals into a civilised modern Christian nation “One
nation under God.”

Christian heritage of Nagaland. The first Christian Baptist Mission Centre in the Naga Hills was founded by Rev. Dr.
E.W. Clark on the 24th October 1876.