The Terrorism of Trans Tyranny

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By Bill Muehlenberg

Hot on the heels of the homosexual assault on everything is the non-stop trans war on everything. The trans militants have declared war on children, on family, on society, on sexuality, on biology, and on reality. Have I left anything out?
Just as countless individuals have suffered from the radical homosexual agenda, so too with the trans tyrants.

Every day we find more horrific examples of this, with no letup in sight. Let me offer five more recent cases of this
occurring, and then conclude with some commentary. I begin with an alarming case in Virginia where a teacher who has sided with reality has lost his job last week. The story opens:
Tonight, after an open hearing lasting more than 5 hours before the West Point School Board, Peter Vlaming was fired from his job. The five member school board, without comment, rubber-stamped the superintendent’s recommendation that he be terminated. What did this beloved High School French teacher of seven years do to warrant this decision?

He dared to stand on his deeply-held convictions by not complying with the school administration’s directive that he
refer to a female student by male pronouns. It’s unfortunate that those who demand tolerance the loudest want to punish anyone who does not conform. The West Point School Board has introduced a brand new ideology about human nature and insisted that Mr. Vlaming embrace it by setting aside his deeply held – and constitutionally protected – faith.

While Mr. Vlaming was willing to use the student’s preferred name and avoid referring to the student with female pronouns, that did not satisfy the school administration, who told him that he MUST affirmatively use male pronouns for the female student.

A similar sort of case – and an equally appalling one –concerns a professor in the UK who is now public enemy
number one for daring to suggest male and female is something determined by our biology. As one write-up puts it:
A UK professor has received a barrage of abuse after suggesting a woman is defined by law as biological, not psychological. Rosa Freedman, Professor of Law, at The University of Reading, posted a series of tweets detailing the backlash. “I found my office door covered in urine,” Professor Freedman said.

“People are continuously calling my phone from an anonymous number, and when I answer I am laughed at and told that I am a ‘TERF’ who ‘should be raped and killed.’ If this is how a University Professor is treated, little wonder that women who work in jobs without protection regarding academic enquiry… feel unable to speak up to protect women’s rights,” Professor Freedman added.

Let me next look at how this madness is playing itself out in Canada. The headline alone should shock every single one of us: “Canadian man claiming to be ‘female’ sues 16 women for refusing to wax his genitals”. Here are some more details:
A biological male taking women to court for refusing to touch his penis on the grounds that this is discrimination against trans women is some serious next-level gaslighting. It is difficult to fully discern J.Y.’s intent in this specific case—it could be money, since he stands to make a nice chunk of cash if he is to win his cases, or simply attempting to use the force of the state to bludgeon biological women into accepting him as a “woman” and forcing them to agree that his genitals are female genitals, regardless of the fact that they quite literally are not. It is genuinely surprising that there is not more outrage over this.

But wait, there’s more. In Texas the courts are fully siding with the trans madness and tyranny:
A six-year-old Texas boy is being dressed and presented as a girl by his mother; at the same time, she is threatening the boy’s father legally for not going along with her plan for their son to live as a girl. James lives as a girl when with his mother, but when with his father and given the choice, the six-year-old boy lives as a boy. Jeffrey Younger is currently prohibited by court order from affirming in any way his son’s sex, including imparting Christian teaching on gender and sexuality to James.

In addition to the medical and psychological risks to children associated with so-called gender transitioning, the
case has implications for parental rights related to religious freedom, freedom of speech, and due process. Anne Georgulas has charged Younger, her ex-husband and James’s father, with child abuse for not affirming their son as a transgender “girl,” according to court documents.

She has also sought restraining orders against Younger, she is trying to terminate his parental rights, and also seeks to compel Younger to pay for James’s visits with a transgenderaffirming therapist and for medical procedures to “transition”

James to a girl. The controversial “treatment” could include hormonal sterilization that could begin in as soon as two years when James turns eight, in preparation for James to later have “sexual reassignment” surgery.

James’ mother has changed her son’s name to Luna. She dresses him in a girl’s clothing, shoes, and makeup, and James uses the girls’ restroom at school. The court has awarded her the sole right to consent to psychiatric and psychological treatment of James and his twin brother Jude, rendering the boys’ father unable to get a second opinion. Younger is even prohibited from cutting his sons’ hair, having been reported by a teacher to Texas Child
Protective Services for giving James a haircut.–nHcW16yxrxErwFyCB2_MMVgzgcDuw

Another child is also involved in trans warfare, this time in Minnesota. As one news item puts it:
A Minnesota mother is appealing a judge’s decision to dismiss her lawsuit against school authorities who gave her teenage son female hormone treatments without her permission. The Thomas More Society filed an appeal on Monday in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Paul on behalf of Anmarie Calgaro, who opposes school and health officials usurping her parental rights to provide gender transition treatments to her son.

“The U.S. Constitution says that parental rights of fit parents are fundamental rights, fit parents’ parental rights
over unemancipated minors cannot be terminated without due process,” stated Erick Kaardal, special counsel with the Thomas More Society, in a statement released Thursday.

So here are five cases in almost as many days, with no signs of any of this easing up any time soon. Indeed, all the
indications are that it will get worse – much worse – in the days ahead. Let me offer some commentary on how this is negatively impacting on our children.

UK psychotherapist Bob Withers has been involved with all this for 25 years now and he does not like what he sees. Parts of a recent interview with him are well worth sharing here:
The number of children identifying as transgender is on the rise. Referrals to the NHS’s Tavistock Gender Identity
Development Service have increased by an astonishing 2,500 per cent in the past nine years. Psychotherapist Bob Withers is concerned that large numbers of children are being transitioned unnecessarily, and that discussion of this phenomenon is being closed down by trans activists….

Most people, including children, who want to transition nowadays are coached online by trans activists. They are told what to tell therapists in order to improve their chances of getting surgery and hormones. Most have already made up their minds that transitioning is the answer to their problems. But if 10 years down the line, if you find that transitioning does not fix everything, you cannot go back, you have permanently altered your body….

I had another case, John, who came to me before having surgery. He wanted me to rubber-stamp his transition.

He thought I was transphobic to even ask him about his psychological issues. In one session, I found myself telling him about my previous patient who had regretted the surgery, and I could see his face drop. Half an hour after the session ended, he came back to my consulting room in a psychotic state. He had been out in the world and he thought people were going to attack him. He clearly had an identity in mind for which he would need surgery to realise. For a moment, I caused him to doubt that identity, and he had a catastrophic collapse in his sense of who he was. He suddenly became aware that transitioning might not actually solve all his problems….

You can go one of two ways. One way is to alter the body. This is the fashionable option because it is quick and easy in the short term. Patients tend to feel better at first, but many come to regret it. The long-term side effects are largely not known.

The other way is to work on the mind, to ask what caused a patient to identify as trans. But now trans activists are attempting to control our profession, without any proper clinical evidence or understanding of what we do. They have introduced something called the Memorandum of Understanding. It basically conflates the therapy you would give to a person who says they are trans with gay conversion therapy. It could lead to therapists being struck off.

I have already written books about how much people have suffered and been abused by the homosexual agenda in full swing.

Now it looks like I need to write more books on how the new trans tyranny is destroying everything it touches. If I do, by the time it gets into print it will already be out of date.

Such is the rate of downward decline in the West.