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By Professor John Whitehall

The epidemic of childhood gender dysphoria continues with hundreds of sufferers being presented each year to ‘gender clinics’ in major paediatric centres throughout Australia. Without evidence of biological cause, the epidemic is like a ‘social contagion’: a psychological phenomenon fuelled by the media, directed by websites and inspired by so-called ‘save schools programmes’ which preach there are no such fixed entities as boys and girls: gender is based on feelings not chromosomes.

Children attending the clinics risk entering a programme that begins with ‘social affirmation’ involving the adoption
of names, dress and behaviour of the opposite sex, and may then progress to drugs that block puberty, then to hormones that stimulate external features of the opposite sex, and then to surgical attempts to remove breasts and mimic genitalia under a life time of medical supervision. Castration is inherent.

When it has been shown that the vast majority of confused children will orientate to their natal gender through puberty, the question must be asked why nature is not allowed to take its own course? Why try to ‘convert’ a child towards the opposite sex?
Surely they are not being recruited by transgender ideology?

When it has been shown that some of the children reverting to their natal gender turn out to have homosexual orientation, another question must be asked. Surely life in natal gender but with homosexual orientation is less complicated than medicalised and surgicalised transgendered life, with its demonstrated rate of suicide? Not surprisingly, some homosexuals have begun to perceive their genocide in transgender medicine!

The word ‘convert’ was used above to introduce its complexity. It was originally applied to attempts to ‘convert’ a
homosexual back to heterosexual orientation and, certainly, the brutality attached to some of these procedures gave the word a very bad name. Some sufferers had parts of their brain removed,others their testicles. Some were administered electric shocks and some medicines to make them vomit. Others were given hormones. To be fair, others received sympathetic counselling in the attempt to help them be relieved of unwanted sexual preoccupation.

However, the bad name attached to the earlier brutality upon adults is now being used to direct children onto the
transgendered pathway. ‘Watchful waiting’ in expectation puberty will clarify gender is condemned as ‘conversion
therapy’ with implications of brutality.

Transgender ideologues within Labor Parties have promoted laws to ban ‘watchful waiting’ and associated individual and family psychotherapy despite successful reports before the current medical pathway. The Victorian Health Complaints Act (2016) intends to stop ‘conversion therapy’, if necessary by traducing a fundamental of democracy: a practitioner will be guilty until proven innocent. Deregistration could follow complaint and continue at the leisure of the court.

We await the Platform the ALP will take to the coming elections and considered its reported decision to not ‘criminalise’ conversion therapy a victory for common sense.

However, it appears the ALP has merely opted for the easier option of deregistration of practitioners under civil laws with lesser burdens of proof. The irony is the ALP will be promoting a programme for confused children that has similarities to the‘conversion therapies’ it deplores: hormones and castration.