Five Ways to Slay the Screenslaver

By Warwick Marsh Co-Founder of Our children’s lives are immersed in technology; their music, social schedules, schoolwork, games and daily interactions rely on it. Even we as adults seem to be dangerously addicted to our mobile phones. How many times have you been to a restaurant and observed a younger couple out on a romantic dinner, not talking and listening […]

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By Rev Dr Peter Barnes It is common to take refuge in lazy thinking, and to declare that it does not matter what one believes so long as one is pleasant about it. Yet ideas have consequences. The Christian most surely believes that salvation is at stake – where one spends eternity. For the moment, however, we will look at what being an […]

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By Professor John Whitehall The epidemic of childhood gender dysphoria continues with hundreds of sufferers being presented each year to ‘gender clinics’ in major paediatric centres throughout Australia. Without evidence of biological cause, the epidemic is like a ‘social contagion’: a psychological phenomenon fuelled by the media, directed by websites and inspired by so-called ‘save schools programmes’ which preach there are no such fixed entities as boys and girls: […]

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