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This section will be updated with Rev Nile’s recent parliamentary activity. Older item will be removed from the end of each list as new ones are added to them at the top. Press Releases are listed in descending date order and copies can be found on <>. Questions to the Government (both with and without notice) are listed in descending draft date order and note their subject matter. All speeches delivered by Rev Nile can be found on the online version of Hansard at <>. Updated on 25 February 2019.

Media Releases:
(06/02/19) Robert Brown Leaves Parliament
(06/02/19) Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech
(21/01/19) CDP Opposes the Normalisation of Drug Culture
(13/12/18) Pornography Harms Young Men and Women
(06/12/18) Rev. Nile Invited by Nagaland Government for Official Visit
(05/12/18) Dawson Murder – Arrest Made
(29/11/18) Zoe’s Law – Answering the Critics
(23/11/18) International Men’s Day
(23/11/18) Felicitations
(22/11/18) Workers Compensation Legislating to Protect Firefighters
(16/11/08) Australia Should Determine its own Foreign Policy
(15/11/18) The Fight for Zoe’s Law Continues in NSW Parliament
(14/11/18) Western Civilisation and the Ramsay Centre
(14/11/18) Political Exploitation of Indigenous Australians
(12/11/18) 2GB Ray Hadley on Zoe’s Law
(01/11/18) Urgent Need to Pass Religious Freedoms Bill/
(30/10/18) CDP Supports Morrison’s Jerusalem Embassy Decision
(25/10/18) Faith Based Education
(18/10/18) Gambling Advertising Prohibition Bill 2018
(18/10/18) Energy Reform – The Nuclear Option
(16/10/18) Ruddock Review and CDP Religious Freedoms Bill
(12/10/18) Calls to Ban Alcoholic Beverages Advertising
(10/10/18) The “Human Rights” or “Baking Cakes”
(04/10/18) Zoe’s Law to be Debated and Voted on
(02/10/18) Orchid Hills Killing and Zoë’s Law
(26/09/18) Safety and Security on Intercity Train Lines
(26/09/18) Gambling Law Reform
(26/09/18) Nuclear Power and Energy Prices
(20/19/18) Lyn Dawson Investigation Update
(19/09/18) CDP Opposes Attacks on Police
(18/09/18) Freedom of Speech on Social Media Platforms
(14/09/18) Parliamentary Prayer – Cth Submission Published
(12/09/18) Lyn Dawson Murder Investigation
(11/09/18) Major Parties on the Nose Worldwide
(10/09/18) Budget Estimates 2018
(24/08/18) Scott Morrison – 30th Prime Minister of Australia
(23/08/18) Government Indifference to Harassment
(22/08/18) Lyn Dawson Disappearance and Murder
(21/08/18) Government Credibility and Family Law Reform
(17/08/18) Latest Euthanasia Push Defeated in Senate
(16/08/18) South Africa Motion Passes NSW Legislative Council
(15/08/18) Security at Correctional Centres
(10/08/18) Social Media Censorship and Dr. van Gend
(25/07/18) Teachers push gay films in schools
(24/07/18) Lyn Dawson murder – Police apologise
(18/07/18) Uniting Church to hold same-sex marriages
(17/07/18) Labor Government moves to legalise abortion in Queensland
(03/07/18) Mum of 13 defends right to challenge abortion
(02/07/18) Greens Senator moves to scrap Lord’s Prayer in Senate sittings
(15/06/18) Lyn Dawson Murder
(14/06/18) Reverend Bob Payne Book Launch
(13/06/18) Gov responds to Question re: Israel Folau
(12/06/18) NSW Preschool Participation rates
(11/06/18) Motion to Commemorate Anzac Day Speeches in the Legislative Council:
(22/11/18) 2ndR.S. Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Firefighters) Bill 2018
(22/11/18) In Cmte. Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment (Firefighters) Bill 2018
(22/11/18) NoM re Tribute to the Hon. Elizabeth Ann Symonds AM MLC
(22/11/18) Felicitations 2018
(21/11/18) 2ndR.S. Community Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
(21/11/18) 2ndR.S. Victims’ Rights and Support Amendment (Motor Vehicles) Bill 2018
(21/11/18) In Cmte. Victims’ Rights and Support Amendment (Motor Vehicles) Bill 2018
(20/11/18) 2ndR.S. (cognate) Justice Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 3) 2018, Crimes Legislation Amendment (Victims) Bill 2018, Government Information (Public Access) Amendment Bill 2018
(15/11/18) Motion: Suspension of Standing orders to facilitate debate on Crimes Amendment (Zoe’s Law) Bill 2017
(14/11/18) Adj. Debate on Western Civilisation and the Ramsay Centre
(13/11/18) Report on Privileges Committee
(25/10/18) NoM re Committee Participants Procedural Fairness
(23/10/18) PC No. 1 – Report No. 46 – Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill 2015
(23/10/18) 2ndR.S. Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
(23/10/18) 2ndR.S. Better Tax Amendment (Point of Consumption) Bill 2018
(18/10/18) 2ndR.S. Gambling Advertising Prohibition Bill 2018
(18/10/18. Adj. Debate re Police Association of NSW
(17/10/18) PC No. 1 – Report No. 47 – Fresh Food Pricing
(17/10/18) 2ndR.S. Civil Liability Amendment (Organisational Child
Abuse Liability) Bill 2018
(26/19/18) 2ndR.S. Criminal Legislation Amendment (Consorting and
Restricted Premises) Bill 2018
(25/19/18) Adj Debate re Nuclear Energy and Electricity Prices
(25/19/18) In Cmte. Community Gaming Bill 2018
(25/19/18) 2ndR.S. Community Gaming Bill 2018
(19/19/18) 2ndR.S. RSL NSW Bill 2018
(19/19/18) 2ndR.S. Children (Education and Care Services) Supplementary Provisions Amendment Bill 2018
(19/19/18) Reference: Standing Cmte on Social Issues
(16/08/18) NoM re South African Genocide of Boers and Whites
(15/08/18) Adj. Debate re Death of Lyn Dawson
(14/08/18) ICAC Report No. 5/56, ’14-’15 and ’15-’16 Annual Reports (12/04/18)
NoM re Powerhouse Museum Relocation and Production of Documents
(12/04/18) Suspension of SO for Order of Business
(11/04/18) Adj. Debate re Evian Conference
(11/04/18) In Cmte. Smoke Free Environment Amendment Bill 2018
(11/04/18) 2ndR Smoke Free Environment Amendment Bill 2018
(10/14/18) PC1 Report, Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Prohibition Bill 2015
(15/3/18) Adj. Debate re South African Genocide of Boers and Whites
(15/3/18) New Cmte.: Public Accountability Committee
(14/3/18) In Cmte. Registered Clubs Amendment (Accountability and
Amalgamations) Bill 2018
(14/3/18) 2ndR Registered Clubs Amendment (Accountability and
Amalgamations) Bill 2018
(14/3/18) In Cmte. State Debt Recovery Bill 2017
(14/3/18) 2ndR State Debt Recovery Bill 2017
(13/3/18) In Cmte. Report: Human Trafficking in NSW
(13/3/18) 2ndR Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018
(13/3/18) ICAC Report No. 5/56, ’14-’15 and ’15-’16 Annual Reports
(8/3/18) 2nsR Smoke Free Environment Amendment (E-Cigarettes) Bill 2017
(7/3/18) In Cmte. Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2018
(7/3/18) 2ndR St Johns College Bill 2017
(15/2/18) 2ndR.S. for Family Impact Commission Bill 2018 Questions to the Government:
(22/11/18) Health – Cancer Research
(21/11/18) Premier – United Nations’ Global Migration Pact
(20/11/18) Premier – International Men’s Day
(15/11/18) Aboriginal Affairs – Aboriginal Health and Educational Services
(15/11/18) Attorney General – Bullying and Harassment in Schools
(14/11/18) Health – Visiting Medical Officer Contracts
(13/11/18) Emergency Services – Bushfire Hazard Reduction Services
(13/11/18) Attorney General – Internet Cleanfeed Filter
(25/10/18) Aboriginal Affairs – Suicide Prevention Programmes
(24/10/18) Premier – Superannuation Funds
(23/10/18) Energy and Utilities – NuCoal Shareholder Compensation
(18/10/18) Police – Prisoner Escort Duties
(17/10/18) Primary Industry – Regional Biosecurity
(17/10/18) Health – Wagga Wagga Morgue
(17/10/18) Emergency Services – Fire Hazard Reduction Strategies
(16/10/18) Innovation and Better Regulation – Innovation NSW Initiatives
(27/09/18) Health – Maternity Ward Early Discharges
(27/09/18) Regional NSW – Inland Rail Network
(26/09/18) Regional NSW – Suicide Rates
(26/09/18) Innovation and Better Regulation – Housing
(25/09/18) Transport and Infrastructure – Intercity Light Rail
(20/09/18) Regional NSW – Employment
(20/09/18) Education – School Infrastructure
(20/09/18) Education – NSW Education Curriculum
(20/09/18) Education – National Education Standards Authority Curriculum Review
(19/09/18) Attorney General – Lyn Dawson Murder Case
(19/09/18) Education – Teachers’ Workload
(19/09/18) Attorney General – Justice for Bowraville Murder Victims.
(18/09/18) Premier – Social Media Platforms
(18/09/18) Innovation and Better Regulation – Social Media Bullying and Harassment Terms and Conditions
(18/09/18) Attorney General – Internet and Freedom of Speech
(18/09/18) Attorney General – Social Media
(18/09/18) Education – NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Programme
(16/08/18) Attorney General – Continued Persecution of Christian Bakery Owners
(14/08/18) Attorney General – Correctional Centre Security 11/04/18) Industrial Relations – Freedom of Association and Traditional Australian Symbols

Rev Fred Nile:
Fresh Food Pricing Committee
Social Committee
Legislative Council Procedure Committee
Parliamentary Privileges and Ethics Committee
Public Accountability Committee
Public Works Committee
Selection of Bills Committee
Committee on Committees

The Hon Paul Green:
Chair Portfolio Committee 6
The Modern Slavery Bill 2018 passed NSW Parliament and has been assented by NSW Governor. Next step is implementation
Chair, Prolife Committee No. 6
Deputy Chair, Prolife Committee No. 2
Chair, Select Committee on State Senate Bill 2015
State Development Committee
Chair, Select Committee Electricity Supply, Demand and Prices
Regulation Committee
Committee on Children and Young People