Take action for Christians facing genocide now.

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Two-thirds of Syria’s Christians and 82% of Iraq’s – decimated.

In just hours, we have an urgent deadline to defend them at the U.N.

In heart wrenching testimony, Iraqi Christians detail how they are fleeing ISIS to escape being beheaded and crucified. “No one cares about us like we are not human.”

They are dying. It’s our Christian duty to defend them.
It’s our legal obligation to act.

We’re aggressively expanding our massive legal advocacy effort in defense of Christians facing genocide.
We’ve filed a legal demand with the State Department that could force it to act. We’re preparing a letter to the presidential candidates to put them on record.

Today, we’re delivering a critical legal letter to the U.N.
Genocide Office demanding action to 1) stop the genocide and 2) protect Christians.
Our deadline is looming.

Take action for Christians facing genocide now.

Sign Our Petition: Stop the Genocide. Protect Christians.